Meet Karen

Senate picKaren Roseberry is a California native who has spent the last 7 years working passionately to educate youth both in the Antelope Valley and overseas. Having worked first hand with students, often high risk, in low socio-economic areas she believes that a strong foundation of values is most needed to improve conditions educationally, socially, economically, nationally, and internationally.

With over 10 years in customer service Karen realizes the importance of working tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of guests and carries that same work ethic into her desire to be the next U.S. Senator of California. It is her goal to end the extreme sense of dissatisfaction felt by the constituents of this state that have for too long been poorly represented by career politicians. She strongly supports the understanding that elected officials work for the people. She earnestly comes before the electorate as the candidate willing to work the hardest on their behalf, seeking their best interest in legislation, and asking for their vote to have the opportunity to do so.

Karen grew up near the South Bay area before moving with her parents to the Antelope Valley. She has traveled extensively throughout the state, has lived in both Los Angeles and Riverside Counties, and is actively involved with her church near North County of San Diego, along with the ladies’ ministry at Grace Chapel in Lancaster. Karen has also traveled to 17 countries, has taught in two village schools of India, and has visited 35 states learning much about the tremendous blessings afforded to those in this country and state, and that could be so much better utilized with more effective leadership.

Karen attended the University of Denver, before returning to California to eventually graduate from California State University of Northridge with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Political Science.